From Members to Leaders: Drive Member Engagement & Mission-Focused Growth with Lowell Aplebaum

About this Episode

Transform your members into leaders to boost your association’s member engagement. Discover proven strategies by expert strategy consultant and Certified Facilitator Lowell Aplebaum.

Highlights of this Episode

  • Deepen Your Understanding of Member Engagement: Engagement metrics often miss member expertise. Go beyond transactions and engage your members in ways that aligns with your association’s goals. Lowell shares how having deeper forms of engagement can foster connections and enhance member experience.
  • Unlock the Full Potential of Your Leadership: Achieve engagement excellence by strategically structuring your leadership. Partnership with experts to develop governance structures plays a critical role in your organization’s success. Learn how you can empower leaders to collaborate and communicate with your members by using professional facilitation techniques.
  • Explore Volunteering Opportunities Within Your Association: Drive your association forward by offering meaningful opportunities to volunteers. Maximize your impact with clear strategies, while fostering member engagement and leadership development.
  • Plan for Growth, Design for Engagement: Develop a strategic plan to drive engagement within your association that expands your membership base. Design member journeys and experiences that cater to the needs of your members.
  • Chart Vision & Action For Your Association’s Success: Craft a clear strategic vision defining your long-term goals. Uncover success by aligning your daily actions with your association’s roadmap. The focus will guarantee saving your time and resources.

About our Guest

Lowell Aplebaum, CEO of Vista Cova, is an expert facilitator, vision & strategy catalyst. He has worked with hundreds of associations of all sizes guiding leaders, members, and staff through facilitation, keynoting, and collaboration.

Lowell is an IAF Certified Professional Facilitator and currently studying to achieve his Doctorate of Education in Leadership.

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