Let Go to Grow: Purposeful Abandonment to Boost Your Growth with Elisa Pratt

Highlights of this Episode

  • Strategic Planning and Data Utilization for Purposeful Abandonment: Learn how to effectively use data to identify when a project or offering has become more of a burden than benefit. Leverage external information from studies, consultants, or your competitors to drive meaningful engagement within your association.
  • Adapt to Multigenerational Membership and Leadership for Consensus Building: Understand the needs of segmenting membership to cater to different age groups within the association. Learn how you can build consensus on what initiatives to cut by considering the needs of both legacy and younger members.
  • Deliver Tangible Value and Benefits to Members Through Resource Reallocation: Members seek actionable and tangible benefits from their membership. Learn how to reallocate resources to initiatives that provide real value such as networking opportunities, mentoring programs, and other relationship-building activities.
  • Assess Program Effectiveness for Smooth Sunsetting: Securing sponsors and fundraising is not enough to save a project. It’s important to address the core issues and evaluate the effectiveness and financial viability of initiatives. Learn how you can identify underperforming offerings for potential abandonment.
  • Balance Personal and Professional Dynamics in Decision-Making: Navigate the intersection of personal and professional dynamics for your association’s success. Remove personal bias and focus on objective, data-driven decision-making for your association’s best interests and strategic goals.

About our Guest

Elisa Pratt, CEO and Chief Strategist of Brewer Pratt Solutions, is an influential strategic specialist who served as an impactful senior staff member for several trade and individual membership associations, both domestic and international. She leverages a record of transformative success and specializes in strategic planning, leadership development, and engagement.

As an association management executive for more than 20 years, she delivers strategic and actionable innovations, future-focused member engagement solutions, and tactical operational effectiveness solutions.

With a unique background in components, Pratt is a Certified Association Executive (CAE), has earned her Certified Virtual Facilitator designation from the International Institute for Facilitation (INIFAC), and holds a MA in Government from Johns Hopkins University.

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