The Duty of Foresight: Elevating Association Board Stewardship for a Better Tomorrow with Jeff De Cagna

Highlights of this Episode

  • Improve your association’s board governance: Move beyond individual evaluations and assess the overall effectiveness of yor board with the duty of foresight. Explore techniques to identify and address systemic issues that affect board stewardship.
  • Challenge the status quo: Challenge the unorthodox beliefs that might be holding your board back. Learn how to identify and confront traditional leadership models and rigid board structures to foster a more dynamic and adaptable board.
  • Craft a future-proof vision of your board: Where do you see your association in the coming year? Develop a clear strategic vision that drives your association towards its long-term goals. Discover empowering leadership strategies that foster evolution and innovation.
  • Embrace the future: Shift your board’s focus from past practices to a future-oriented approach. Uncover strategies to develop foresight and adapt to change, ensuring your board remains relevant and effective.
  • Build a winning board: It’s time to ditch the traditional election process and popularity contests. Learn how you assemble a board with the skills and expertise necessary for strategic governance and efficient stewardship.

About our Guest

Jeff De Cagna FRSA, FASAE, is an executive advisor for Foresight First LLC in Reston, Virginia. He is an association contrarian, foresight practitioner, and governance designer. Jeff is also a stakeholder/successor advocate and stewardship catalyst. He advises association and non-profit boards on setting higher standards of stewardship, governance, and foresight (SGF).

A graduate of the Johns Hopkins and Harvard universities, Jeff has continued his learning with the future at the MIT Sloan School of Management, Oxford University, Hardvard Business School, the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, BoardSource, Competent Boards, the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, and the Institute for the Future.

Jeff is the 32nd recipient of ASAE’s Academy of Leaders Award, the association’s highest individual honor given to consultants or industry partners in recognition of their support of ASAE and the association community.

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