Member Lounge

Transform your member experience with our customizable engagement features

Searchable Sortable Resource Library

Present all your guides, benefits and other educational materials to your members. In our resource library, your members can find all the content they are looking for in less than 10 seconds

Manage your events like a pro

Member Lounge simplifies event management. We will take care of marketing the events to your members and prospects. 

This gives you a prime opportunity to boost your conversion rates by inviting non-member prospects and show your value proposition.

Webinar Recordings and Video Resources

Member Lounge gives you the ability to upload your webinar recordings and video files to the resource library so your members have full access to them at all times.

Discussion Forums

Our discussion forum allows your members to expand their network by discussing their challenges and sharing insights with one another. 

Your members will stay updated with new posts in their favourite thread with the push notification option. 

Seamless CRM Integration

Member Lounge comes packaged with a built-in CRM that allows you to effortlessly manage your membership within one application. 

Member Lounge also offers an advanced suite of APIs for those who want to connect their own CRM with Member Lounge.

Automated Member Engagement Features

Member Lounge takes your membership marketing on autopilot so member engagement just happens without you having to do the hard work. 

Our advanced algorithms will automatically send marketing messages to promote your events and content to your members so you can focus on more important things.

Don’t Just Take Our Word!

“Members love how information is presented in our member portal. They all say it’s easy to use and easy to navigate. Having seen the new member portal, members are already renewing membership for next year!”
Zalina Alvi
Communications Coordinator, The Writers’ Union of Canada
Zalina Alvi

Your Association is in Good Hands with Member Lounge