From Prospects to Promoters: Key Strategies to Recruit and Retain Members w Scott Oser & Farhad Khan

About this Episode

Associations must continuously adapt to changing member expectations and industry dynamics. To remain competitive, it is essential for associations to be proactive in their recruitment and retention strategies. In this episode, member engagement guru Scott Oser and expert digital strategist Farhad Khan share tips to turn potential members into lifelong advocates of your association.

Highlights of this Episode

  • Multi-Touch Recruitment Strategies: Discover the positive results of a multi-channel strategy for member recruitment. Diversify your tools with social media, email campaigns, webinars, and even traditional media channels. Get examples of successful personalized recruitment campaigns and tips on using data to customize your messaging.
  • Member Value Documentation: Dive deeper into techniques for identifying what your members truly value. Conduct surveys, feedback sessions, and use member data to understand and fulfill their needs and preferences. Furthermore, learn the significance of revising your value propositions to keep your association relevant and appealing to your members.
  • Leveraging Technology in Member Engagement: Discover how to leverage the latest digital platforms to enhance member interaction and experience. From mobile apps to online forums, our experts talk about technology solutions to engage members more effectively.
  • Creating Vibrant Member Communities: Find out how nurturing both online and offline member communities can create a strong community for your association. Get insights into organizing successful events that offer them value and networking opportunities.
  • Tailored Communication for Different Segments: Recognize the diversity within your member base to meet the unique needs of each group. Learn how to craft communication strategies that resonate with different segments, whether it’s new professionals, seasoned experts, or specific interest groups.

About our Guest

Meet the experts in member engagement and digital strategies for associations: 

Scott Oser is the President of Scott Oser Associates Inc. Scott has spent the past 25 years working with hundreds of associations. He is an accomplished speaker, writer, and respected authority in the membership communication space. 

Farhad Khan is the CEO & Membership Strategist at Grype Digital. He is a thought leader in membership strategy and an expert in membership consultation helping associations automate member engagement and retention. 

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