Sponsorship & Member Engagement Mastery: What’s Shaping the Future w Amanda Kaiser & Bruce Rosenthal

About this Episode

Member engagement specialist Amanda Lea Kaiser, corporate partnership guru Bruce Rosenthal, and expert digital strategist and Farhad Khan get together for a riveting conversation on sponsorship and member engagement trends and practices to future-proof your association. Tune in to unravel the challenges of member engagement and corporate sponsorship programs within your association and overcome them with the best practices straight from industry experts!

Highlights of this Episode

  • Crafting a Winning Member Engagement Strategy: Learn how to navigating challenges of member engagement. Acknowledging diverse within your membership community is crucial to delivering a memorable member experience.
  • Corporate Sponsorship Strategies: Effectively engage corporate members in sponsorship programs. Understand their evolving goals, customize engagement opportunities, and involve them in decision-making. Move beyond traditional models and engage in dynamic, mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Understanding Member and Sponsor Objectives: Conduct in-depth qualitative research to understand member challenges and needs. Align your association’s objectives with the needs of your sponsors and members to enhance their experience with your association.
  • Navigating the Technology Landscape: Reimagine your technology use and embrace a multi-channel strategy that meets members on their preferred platforms. Create a seamless integrated communication network via SMS, email, and other channels to provide a cohesive experience to your members and sponsors.
  • Continuous Engagement to Retain Members: Discover engagement strategies to continuous engage your members throughout the year and retain sponsors. Understand the unique needs of your members and sponsors to establish an ongoing dialogue. Reassess their initiatives for dynamic programs and sustained relationships.

About our Guest

Amanda Kaiser is a sought-after member engagement strategist. She is the Keynote Speaker & Engagement Strategist at Kaiser Insights LLC and the author of “Elevating Engagement: Uncommon Strategies for Creating a Thriving Member Community”. 

Bruce Rosenthal is the Founder & Convener at Partnership Professionals Network. Bruce is a corporate partnership and sponsorship guru with more than two decades of experience as a strategic advisor, consultant and education for trade and professional associations. 

Farhad Khan is a thought leader in membership websites and digital strategies for associations. He is the CEO & Membership Strategist at Grype Digital. He has helped numerous associations automate member engagement and retention over his career of 12+ years.

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