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Top 5 Things You Need on an Association Website to Attract New Members and Sponsors

Discover the essentials for your association's public website to double your membership and sponsorship!

About This Webinar

Discover the essentials for your association’s public website to double your membership and sponsorship!

  • Understanding Association Website Visitors: The importance of knowing your target audience, their needs and their online behaviour. Use techniques to gather user data through website analytics to improve your targeting.
  • Challenges in Association’s Public Websites: Solve common issues like member engagement and intuitive design by sharing specific challenges in interactive sessions.
  • Effective Homepage Design: Emphasize on storytelling on your website’s homepage to engage visitors. Use the three-step formula.- understanding your audience problems, presenting solutions and establishing trust.
  • Content Planning and Organization: Significance of planning website content and tailoring content to meet specific needs of your main audiences.
  • Design and Navigation Best Practices: Keep your website’s design simple while ensuring easy navigation. Use user-friendly design such as mega menus and such for organizing and presenting extensive content.

About the presenter

Farhad Khan is a thought leader in membership websites and membership strategies. He is the CEO & Membership Strategist at Grype Digital. He has helped numerous associations automate member engagement and retention over his career of 12+ years.

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