How to Boost Your Association’s Revenue with Sponsorship and Automated Marketing w Ed Byers & Lydia Israel

Boost Your Association's Growth with Sponsorships and Marketing!

About this Episode

Join corporate partnership guru Ed Byers and marketing expert Lydia Israel to explore creative association revenue growth strategies. Explore diverse sponsorship programs to boost your non-dues revenue. Get invaluable insights into the best practices to attract and retain your members with automated marketing from marketing expert Lydia Israel. Learn how to attract sponsors whose goals align with your association’s mission while maintaining steady membership growth with the power of smart marketing tools!

Highlights of this Episode

  • Maximizing Non-Dues Revenue for Associations: Explore the differences between dues and non-dues revenue for your association’s revenue growth. Discover strategies beyond membership fees, including sponsorships and educational programs.
  • Sponsorship as a Key Revenue Stream: Understand the critical role of sponsorships in your association’s revenue strategy. Learn to create compelling value propositions to attract beneficial sponsors.
  • Leveraging Automated Marketing for Member and Sponsorship Engagement: Explore how automation tools boost member experience, engagement and retention as part of your association revenue growth strategies. Uncover the significance of personalized marketing campaigns to engage sponsors for the long haul.
  • Combining Automation with Personal Touch: Balance the efficiency of automation with the authenticity of personal connections. Discover strategies for integrating automated tools with personalized member engagement.
  • Overcoming Sponsorship and Marketing Challenges: Identify common obstacles in executing sponsorship programs and marketing strategies. Learn to select and implement that resonate with your association’s objectives and stakeholder expectations.

About our Guest

Meet the experts in sponsorship, business development and marketing: 

Edward Byers is the Director of Membership at the Canadian Society of Association Executives. He is a passionate non-for-profit executive who has a significant role in boosting partnerships in the association realm. 

Lydia Israel is the marketing manager at Grype Digital, who is also an expert in agile marketing and business development. She has led both local and international organizations to immeasurable success in her 20 years of career.

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