The Content Solution: Boost Member Retention with Content with Leona Scott

Unleash the power of content with award winning content expert Leona Scott to supercharge member retention!

About this Episode

Embrace the powerful impact of content marketing for your associations to keep your members enchanted and engaged. Discover the secret sauce to maximize your marketing content to engage and retain members to make your association stand out from the crowd!

Highlights of this Episode

  • The Significance of Consistent Member Engagement: Discover why maintaining regular conversations with your members is crucial for crafting impactful content marketing for your association. Strengthen your connection and relevance.
  • Leona’s Proven Seven-Step Content Framework: Dive into Leona’s innovative seven-part framework for creating content that truly resonates. Uncover the secrets to crafting content that works effectively for your association’s goals.
  • Fueling Lead Generation with Association Content: Explore strategies on how your association can harness the power of content marketing to fuel lead generation. Learn to attract, engage, and convert potential members and stakeholders.
  • The Influence of Conversion-Oriented Content: Uncover the significance of conversion content and its impact on your association. Learn how this specialized content can drive results and elevate your association’s goals to new heights.
  • Streamlining Work with Marketing Automation: Discover the efficiency and effectiveness that marketing automation brings to your association. Explore how automation can be a game-changer, lightening the workload and boosting productivity in your content marketing efforts.

About our Guest

Leona Scott is a content connoisseur, passionately dedicated to improving memberships and creating engaging content. She excels in helping associations with their content marketing needs.

She is the dedicated founder of JEP Marketing Communication, an organization renowned for its commitment to assisting countless member-based associations in fulfilling their diverse content marketing requirements.

Leona has won the Dallas Fort Worth Association Executives (DFWAE) 2023 Award for her brilliant marketing and communication efforts in the association realm and the President’s Award for her excellent skills in developing popular online monthly meet-ups that created incredible value for its members.

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