Explosive Growth for Associations Through Better Membership Management with Elizabeth Engel

Uncover winning strategies on how to create a member-focused culture where decision-making focuses on your membership that will enhance your association growth with Elizabeth Weaver Engel and host Farhad Khan

About This Episode

In this episode, we talk about how to create a member-focused culture where decision-making focuses on your membership and creates an active association where members want to be. We redefine member engagement, discuss the continuum of engagement for different types of members, and how lean start-up methodology can help associations thrive in a resource-poor environment.

We walk about the user experience of members and if your association’s ways of connecting with members are internally focused — highlighting your board, your team, and your achievements — or member-focused, offering member awards, opportunities, and even group discounts for good measure!

About Our Guest

Elizabeth Weaver Engel has more than 20 years of experience in association management, including membership, marketing, communication, sponsorship, fundraising, technology planning and implementation, social media, and internet strategy.

She is also the Founder & Chief Strategist of Spark Consulting LLC, a consulting firm that provides strategies membership, and marketing services for associations. 

We are lucky to have her with us!

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