How to Prepare a Comprehensive Membership Website Plan for Non-Techies Natasha Golinksy

Take charge of your association's membership website redesign project and launch a membership site on time and on budget with website development project expert Natasha Golinsky and host Farhad Khan.

About This Episode

Let’s talk about how to take charge of your association’s membership website redesign project in this exciting episode with Natasha Golinsky and Host Farhad Khan!

It starts with understanding that you — the client — are just as much responsible for a successful outcome as your service provider (your developers). Learn where everyone’s responsibilities begin and end, how to pick the right developer, and how to actually launch as close to on time and on budget as possible!

About Our Guest

Natasha Golinsky is the founder and lead project manager at On Purpose Projects. Natasha is an expert at website development project management, project scoping, managing expectations, and preventing project-scope creep that delays and adds costs to your membership site project.

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