It’s Not About Price, It’s About Value: Making Membership the Obvious Choice with Aviva Rotenberg

Learn with Aviva Rotenberg, ED at the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, and host, Farhad Khan on how to create value in your membership and deliver benefits that make your members feel that membership dues are worth it!

About This Episode

In this episode, Aviva Rotenberg, Executive Director at the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, talks about how to assess and highlight the value of your association’s membership. Aviva shared her valuable insights on how to create valuable member benefits that appeal to your members, why is it important to find out what members want, and how to improve member engagement.

About Our Guest

Aviva Rotenberg is the Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police. Aviva is a lawyer and senior association executive with over 15 years of experience building teams, leading people, developing strategies, and implementing change. 

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