Membership Recruitment: How To Reach New Markets with Tony Rossell

Discover how to avoid recruitment pitfalls and expand your association's impact and influence by tapping into unexplored audiences with Tony Rossell, Senior VP of Marketing General Inc, and host Farhad Khan

About This Episode

Let’s understand how to plan and execute an effective membership recruitment program. We also explore what is required to achieve long-term membership resiliency. Our guest, Tony Rossell answers these questions and more during this exclusive podcast interview.

Listen in as Tony shares practical guidance and reflections from his book, Membership Recruitment. His book explains why an effective membership recruitment program is the key to association growth, financial health, and mission success.


Check out the ‘Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report‘ that Tony talks about in this podcast episode. The Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report provides important data and analysis about the health of membership associations. It gives associations the tools they need to evaluate their own membership marketing strategies and tactics.

About Our Guest 

Tony Rossell serves as the Senior Vice President of Marketing General Incorporated, a Direct Marketing Agency in Alexandria, Virginia. A frequent writer and speaker, his recently published book, Membership Recruitment: How to Grow Recurring Revenue, Reach New Markets, and Advance Your Mission, offers a practical guide to help membership professionals. He is the past chair of the ASAE Membership Council.

In his work at MGI, Tony launched the annual Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report. He also developed the membership framework he calls the “Membership Lifecycle.” Over his 30-year career, he has consulted with hundreds of associations helping them diagnose and solve their membership marketing challenges.

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