Tips to Scale Your Membership: A Case Study with C100 with Laura Buhler

Get insightful tips on how to scale your membership using a high-tech business model with Laura Buhler and host Farhad Khan

About This Episode

Let’s understand how to scale your membership, using a high-tech business model and member feedback to drive member engagement. Our guest, Laura Buhler, shares her expertise on how to create a vision that people want to be a part of. Laura believes that it is all about the people. You can grow your association by investing your time and resources in understanding your members and having a “product” mindset.

About Our Guest 

Laura Buhler is the former President and CEO of C100, a private San Francisco-based nonprofit on a mission to galvanize global Canadians in technology to advance Canadian entrepreneurship and leadership in tech. Laura is also the current Partner and head of Community at Felicis, a tech investment company.

She also serves on the Investment Committee for Luge Capital, a fintech-focused venture fund based in Toronto. She is a Board Director of Venture for Canada, a national charity that develops entrepreneurial leadership skills and also serves on the Advisory Board for the UCalgary Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership.

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